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URB-2,5H exploration drilling rig

Designation – drilling of geophysical and cored wells up to 350m deep by rotary drill pipes diameter 60,3mm and up to 450m deep – pipes diameter 50mm with flushing and also group wells by screws. This is a complex of units mounted on KamAZ-43114 (6*6) truck.

URB-2,5H exploration drilling rig is a modernized and better analogue of  URB-2,5A. Modernization contains in hydrofication of the main drives of the rig's mechanisms, that opens new advantages in control, productivity and reliability of this rig, defines high dynamic parameters, e.g. moment of force of the rotor reaches 3000N*m (300kgf*m/2213ft-lb) because of the hydraulic drive and better  construction of the rotor itself.

The principle of service of the drilling rig URB-2,5H is typical of that of URB-2,5A, except for the hydraulic drive of the main mechanisms: hydraulic drive of the rotor, hydraulic drive of the drawworks, feeding mechanism.

The power drawworks of a new type makes the lifting capacity increase up to 10 tons necessary for round trips of drill pipes. The hydraulic drive reverse circulation  in the feeding mechanism and a wide range of speeds have allowed to quickly lift up a drill pipe and exclude the function of the single drawworks drum. The rig and compressor has made parameters of dry screw drilling depth higher because of the air flushing supply 9m3/min and pressure 1,1MPa.

Significantly high technical characteristics and power capacity of the drilling rig give an opportunity to theoretically increase drilling depth by pipes up to 60,3 mm diameter and 350 m deep; and 50 m diameter and 450-500 m deep.

Another important addition is a modern compressor AK-9 of  screw type, compared by productivity to 2 piston compressors 4VU, used by URB2A2.
One more technical innovation - hydraulic bracing jacks mounted on and fixed to the boards of the platform are designed for regulating the vertical orientation of the mast. It makes the work easy and saves the operator's time for preparatory work.
Control system has become easier now – compact and easy in use instead of huge and uncomfortable mechanical levers and pulleys.

Technical characteristics

Chassis of the truck

KamAZ-43114-0001029-15/ 43114-0001027-15

Pulling capacity on the WL of the drawworks drum

120 kN (12 ton force)

Rated drilling depth, m
   - pipes of 60,3 mm diameter
   - pipes of 50 mm diameter
   - screws of 110 mm diameter


Drilling diameter, mm no more with water flushing
   - primary
   - final
   - by screws


Length of drill pipe stand, m


Drilling tool lift up speed, m/sec, assumed


Drilling tool rotations, rpm


Max feeding capacity

120(12) kN (ton force)

Mud pump: NB-32
   - max volume supply, m3/h (dm3/sec)
   - max pressure, no more than Mpa (kgf/cm2)

40 (11)
4,0 (40)

Compressor AK-9 of screw type

max productivity, m3/min


Mast: molded out of pipes
   -length, mm
   -height from the rotary table to the crownblock axle, mm


Overall sizes in transportation mode L*B*H, mm, no more


Overall sizes in service L*B*H, mm, no more


Full weight, kg (weight tolerance of the chassis +3%)


Rated fuel flow, kg/kW*h, no more


Full weight distribution, kg
   - on the front axle
   - on the rear bogie axle


Max moment of force of the rotor, Nm (kgf/m/ft-lb)



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